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  • 5 2017
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Applause to the L'hotel Teams for Hotel Awards & Recognitions

Chinachem Club Magazine (Issue 51) March 2017
Published by Chinachem Group

  • 1 2017
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L'hotel chain brings storytelling fun to Hong Kong children at charity Christmas parties

Published by South China Morning Post /

     Hundreds of underprivileged children in Hong Kong were treated to festive parties in the run-up to Christmas by a major hotel chain, as part of a charity campaign.

     Organised by L’hotel from November to December last year, children from local youth charity Hans Andersen Club were invited to events which included a magic show, special Santa giveaways and storytelling activities.

     The parties were held at four of L’hotel’s properties in Hong Kong – L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre, L’hotel élan, L’hotel Causeway Harbour View and L’hotel Island South. version >>

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  • 10 2017
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Crab Mania Dinner Buffet

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  • 7 2017
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L'hotel Group Welcomes Mid-Autumn Festival with Deluxe Mooncake Gift Set

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