“Nina Palmier”

L'hotel Group is launching a brand new product – Nina Palmier. Our classic French pastry is finely baked and elegantly caramelized. The Salty Egg-yolk rendition is going to delight you with an amazing Chinese twist; don't miss the Sesame and Chocolate ones too! Handmade and baked with all fine ingredients. Be indulged in here, it's Nina Palmier Moment!

Original Flavour
250g / Box                  HK$188           
250g / Bag                  HK$168
125g / Bag                  HK$90     

Sesame Flavour / Chocolate Flavour / 
Assorted Flavours

250g / Box                  HK$188           
250g / Bag                  HK$168

Golden Salted Egg Yolk Flavour
250g / Box                  HK$228
250g / Bag                  HK$208                  
125g / Bag                  HK$115       

Email us at [email protected] for enquiry. 

Enjoy Free Delivery for purchase of 20 boxes or above!

Café Circles | 2280 2868
Ru Chinese Restaurant | 2280 2929
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