L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre is nestled in the iconic Nina Tower, a twin tower complex in Tsuen Wan.  Connected by an arch-shaped sky bridge, the twin towers are 89 and 42-storeys tall and house 1,608 well-appointed guestrooms. Nina Tower also features 17 storeys of Grade-A office space, the 27,870 sq.m. (300,000 sq.ft.) Nina Tower Shopping Mall and the Hotel’s 3,200 sq.m. (over 34,445 sq.ft.) event space. Inside, the Hotel is a showcase of a rich tapestry of traditional Chinese art and culture showcased through the Hotel’s interior design and bespoke display pieces.
Set against the backdrop of the historic Tsuen Wan town and with the Rambler Channel flowing out to the South China Sea at its front, L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre is a hotel in Tsuen Wan that offers a true blend of Hong Kong’s fishing village heritage and its renowned metropolitan city culture. Across from L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre is the famous Yeung Uk Road wet market where a sparkling array of live seafood can be found splashing around whilst the vegetable, fresh fruit and poultry market contribute further to provide a true insight into locals' everyday life