Stunning backdrop to their contemporary ocean-inspired accommodation

L’hotel Island South embraces an aqua theme from its natural surrounding environment. The ocean and seafood play a significant role in this part of Hong Kong Island with the area able to trace its roots back to its fishing town days and boasts the Jumbo Floating Restaurant as a renowned attraction. 
The Hotel’s exterior imitates water ripples with the water element continuing to trickle through to every aspect of design and décor throughout the premises. All the art pieces in the Hotel and rooms are environmental friendly and linked to nature, conveying a sense of the area and what it used to be.
Team members are exquisitely outfitted in clothing exclusively designed by internationally renowned designer Dorian Ho.

Tilt 2010, by artist Kirsteen Pieterse 
Medium: Reclaimed teak, paint

Kirsteen Pieterse’ piece ‘Tilt’ is especially captivating in its exemplification of Wong Chuk Hang and features eco-friendly elements.
“Within the larger context of the city of Hong Kong this area is relentlessly industrial yet it nestles as part of the visually dominant Hong Kong natural wooden landscape. To enter the Hotel from such a busy street and to see a sculpture which embraces both aspects of the site is my intention for the form of this sculpture.” - 
Kirsteen Pieterse

Their Map Books 2009, by artist Movana Chen
Medium: Knitted shredded books mounted on canvas

‘Their Map Books’ is another gorgeous sculptural piece by Hong Kong artist, Movana Chen who knitted shredded books and mounted them on canvas. Her interpretation of this piece is deeply profound and thought provoking.
“Books are rather different. They contain the owner’s memories and the paper themselves retain a unique smell as times goes by. Through the knitting process, I have generated communication with friends’ memories. I have also injected vitality into the shredded papers, so that they can express stories of their own. Aside from getting to know my friends on a deeper level, I also hope to create a new way of reading and let the viewers re-examine the communication barriers between people nowadays.” - 
Movana Chen