A beautiful and eye-catching art piece placed inside L'hotel

Art and Design at L'hotel élan in Hong Kong

L’hotel élan has many unique features but the most prominent is its integration of art and design throughout the stylish Hong Kong hotel. Team members are exquisitely outfitted in clothing exclusively designed by internationally renowned designer Dorian Ho.

Over the years L’hotel élan has run an Artist in Residence Program and the artists’ artworks are now added to the private gallery atmosphere of the Hotel. Paintings, photography and sculptures are in abundance at L’hotel élan Hong Kong. In fact, every room has an art piece and a Geopark feature to surprise guests. Some of L’hotel élan’s art pieces are inspired by the old textile and garment industry in Kwun Tong with artists recycling materials like buttons, hangers and fabric to create their pieces.

Our restaurant, forte, is also decorated with art pieces which make your meals more delightful. During your stay, you can enjoy your time with our services and facilities, especially the terrace with wonderful flora. Reserve the room.

Cheongsam 2012, by artist Ban Zhang  
Skyline Reception, top floor

Steel art piece designed from recycled hangers perfect for décor

The inspiration behind this stunning steel dress pays homage to the Chinese traditional dress called a cheongsam. Recycled hangers were part of the material used to forge this stunning piece of avant-garde piece.

Geo-logic Constallation I and Geo-logic Constallation II, by Geoff Nees    
Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor

Art piece providing a starry sky view perfect to greet visitors in L'hotel

This captivating two dimensional laser cut art installation and mobile installation which involves transforming simple materials into exquisite jewel like surfaces greets guests entering and exiting the Hotel, providing them with a life like view of a starry sky.  

Entangled Future Trees Drifting 2012, by artist Christine Nguyen      
Skyline Reception, top floor

Art piece showing highly detailed trees defining the art and nature of L'hotel

This piece which can be enjoyed in the Skyline Reception digs deep into the roots of L’hotel élan, reflecting the Hotel’s penchant towards art and nature. The 9.2 meter chromogenic color print shows highly detailed trees intertwining with each other. 

Pagoda Series 2012, by artist Huang Xu  
Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor

Elegant art piece designed and placed at L'hotel Élan

A product of L’hotel élan’s Artist in Residence Program where Huang Xu stayed in the Hotel for a week, this beautiful piece is designed with buttons, thread and acrylic, representing Kwun Tong’s history and resurgence as the next CBD in Hong Kong.