The pleasant experience of dining in Causeway Bay hotel restaurant

Hotel restaurants in Causeway Bay

Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast Buffet in Causeway Bay

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View's restaurant has everyone's drinking and dining needs covered at Corner 18 and Ah Yung Kitchen, tended by friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere. 
Outstanding culinary experiences have been a hotel signature since we welcomed our first guests. Each of these sophisticated yet casual restaurants offers a gateway to a memorable experience – whether it be the sumptuous continental and Eastern fare at Corner 18 or an exciting chapter in exquisite Cantonese dining at Ah Yung Kitchen. In both cases, innovative cuisine, friendly service and an ambience befitting one of the premier boutique hotels in Hong Kong come together in exquisite style.  

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Corner 18

Enjoy modern boutique flavors as they waft through a serene setting.

Ah Yung Kitchen