Combat the Cold Weather By The Flavoursome Sichuan Specialty
@ Sichuan Lab

As the weather gets a little chilly, Sichuan veteran Chef Kenny Chan has   launched two innovative yet authentic Sichuan hotpot at Sichuan Lab, “Cold Pot Fish with Tiger Frog” (HKD 398) and “Braised Duck with Shredded Konjak, Sichuan Mixed Chilies and Tea-seed Oil” (HKD 398), for guests to combat the cold weather by indulging in flavoursome Sichuan cuisine.  

If the above does not quite scratch the spice itch, Sichuan Lab also serves signature dishes artfully curated by Chef Kenny Chan, including Original Stewed Mutton Sichuan Style (HKD 398) or Braised Spicy Chicken with 33 Kinds of Herbs and Spices (HKD 248), or soup base native to the region like Hot and Spicy Butter Broth (HKD 148).

Guests who cannot take the heat or wish to keep avalanche of numbing spice at bay can savour the essence of health and beauty with the quality nourishing soup bases from hotpot supremacy canton pot at Lodgewood by L’hotel Mongkok, which promises rich flavours coupled with abundant benefits. 

Available whole day already, Sichuan Lab is the perfect dining destination for next group outing for sinfully good and dangerously spicy hotpot. 

Sichuan Lab
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