Holiday Dim Sum Lunch

Enjoy Dim Sum lunch of over 30 kinds of sweet and savoury Dim Sums and other delicacies at canton pot now! 
Made-to-order savoury Dim Sum: Pan-fried Leek Cake, Steamed Ox Stomach with XO Sauce and Ginger, Deep-fried Spring Rolls with Taro and Pork, Steamed Glutinous Rice Rolls, Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns
Handmade sweet Dim Sum: Deep-fried Durian Dumplings, Steamed Sweet Potato Paste Dumplings, Double-boiled Pear with Chuan Bei and Dried Mandarin Peel, Green Tea & Red Beans Panna Cotta
Signature dishes: Okonomiyaki with Dried Bonito Flakes, Okinawa Pork Knuckle, Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Steamed Minced Pork with Black Truffle & Mixed Mushrooms, Congee with Scallops and Giant Clams
Light & healthy choices: Shredded Chicken with Sesame Sauce, Organic Tofu with Avocado & Mixed Lettuce Salad, Stone Bowl with Black Truffle, Tofu and Enoki Mushroom

Dim Sum Sets are now on offer:
Mix & Match Dim Sum Set $298 (For 2 persons. 4 dim sum dishes of your choice, fried rice or stone bowl rice of your choice and seasonal vegetables)
Deluxe Dim Sum Set $148 (For 2 persons. 5 kinds of dim sum, total 10 pieces)

Dim Sum lunch is available every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12:00nn to 4:00pm. Each table of patrons shall enjoy 2 hours free parking!

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