Chef's Selection Hot Pot Tasting Menus

canton pot proudly presents 3 sets of Chef's Selection Hot Pot Tasting Menus in this early Summer. Each Menu contains 25 kinds of hot pot ingredients which are the seasonal and most popular items hand-picked by our Executive Chef!

Craving for Beef Feast -  includes 10 tender and juicy beef cuts all over the world: Korean Beef Sirloin Grade 1++, Local Beef Chuck, Australian M5 Wagyu Rib Eye, U.S. IBP Prime Beef Short Rib, American Black Angus Beef Tenderloin, American Beef Chuck, American Marbled Beef , Local Beef Shin, Local Skirt Steak, Brazilian Ox Tongue, pairing with Short Rib Soup in Korean Style to pamper your appetite for beef.

Sumptuous Assorted Meat Set - includes 10 finest and freshest meat items all over the world: Korean Beef Sirloin, Local Beef Chuck, Australian M5 Wagyu Rib Eye, U.S. IBP Prime Beef Short Rib, Hungarian Mangalica Pork Collar, Jeju Island Pork, Kagoshima Cha Mi Ton, Welsh Lamb Mini Shoulder Roll, Sliced Mongolian Lamb, Sliced Kamei Chicken , matching with Chicken Broth with Gastrodia Tuber & Yunnan Ham to satisfy our meat lovers!

Flavours of the Sea -  includes 8 freshly delivered seasonal seafood items: Fresh Abalone, Clam, Sea Prawn, Geoduck, Razor Clam, Mussel, Giant clam, Coral clam, served with Braised Soy Bean Milk with Japanese Organic Sweet Corn, Carrot and Vegetables for refreshing and nourishly aftertaste perfect for the weather.

Each Tasting Menu includes a selection our signatuare handmade dumplings and meatballs: Morel Mushroom Dumpling, Mixed Mushroom with Bean Curd Skin, Australian Wagyu Beef M5 Cheddar Cheese Dumpling, Bamboo Pith, Spinach & Mushrooms Dumplings, Handmade Mixed Meat Balls, Shrimp Balls with Sea Urchin, Truffle Pork Meatballs, Dace Fish Balls with Tangerine Peel, Inaniwa Udon and Crispy bean curd rolls; Unlimited Vegetable Basket of Organic Silken Tofu, Sweet Corn, Sliced Taros, Chrysanthemum and Chinese Lettuce; your choice of desserts from  Aloe Vera Yuzu Jelly, Double-boiled Papaya with Snow Fungus & Rock Sugar, Double-boiled Pear with Chuan Bei and Dried Mandarin Peel, Green Tea and Red Bean Panna Cotta, Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding, Serradura (Select 1 item).
The 3 Chef's Selection Hot Pot Tasting Menus are available at HK$498 each. Join  the Vivva Programme to enjoy 5% off and earn double Vivva Dollars!

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