$88 Noodles Mania @ Trader’s

Be creative, be your own chef and select your combination of ingredient, soup base and noodle from nine options each. Over hundreds of Asian noodles dishes can be tailor-made to satisfy the different tastes of individual guest at Trader’s Lobby Lounge of L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre.

For only HK$88, you can enjoy the Noodles Set including a noodle dish of your creation and a cup of tea or coffee.  Add a supplement to upgrade your drink to
  • Soft drink or orange juice (HK$25)
  • A bottle of selected beer (HK$35)
Choose one from following 9 options of each category:
  1. Ingredients – Tempura prawn, Lemongrass pork chop, Shrimp wonton dumpling, Braised beef brisket and tendon, Satay sliced beef, Seafood, Shredded chicken with vegetables, Assorted meatballs and Vegetarian shark’s fin and crabmeat sticks
  2. Soup Bases – Lobster soup, Laksa, Tomato soup, Pork bone broth, Fish milk stock, Curry soup, Hot & spicy soup, Clear beef broth and chicken stock
  3. Noodles – Udon, Chinese Egg noodle, Rice  Vermicelli, La mien, Oil noodle, Flat rice noodle, Fettuccine, Thai rice stick noodle and Instant noodle
Trader’s Lobby Lounge
(852) 2280 2855

1.The Noodle Set is available daily from 11:00 to 23:00
2.All prices are subject to 10% service charge
3.L’hotel reserves the right to change this offer anytime without prior notice.
Photos are for reference only.