Design & Culture

The Hotel resides in a storied section of the city, surrounded by a rich history of tradition and culture. The historic typhoon shelter opposite the hotel was completed in 1883 and offered more than just a safe haven for fishermen as lines of floating eateries featuring singers on sampans transformed the shelter into the ultimate late night hotspot during its golden days. The nearby Tin Hau Temple had become very popular among the fishermen since then that the area was later renamed after the temple.
Today, Causeway Bay has grown into a popular shopping, eating and business destination for locals and visitors alike, acting as a melting pot of Chinese and western culture with old and new influences. 
Notable neighbors include the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club which has been a prominent staple in Causeway Bay since 1939, the Police Officers Club which has long provided a recreational outlet for members of the force and the famous Noon Day Gun which has been fired every day at noon since the 1860s.