Social Responsibility

Support a Greener and Warmer Christmas

We cordially invite you to join us and support the less privileged in the society through our collaboration with Operations Santa Claus.

Adopt a Small Plant Charity Sale
Share the joy and love of this festive season and bring home with a small plant at only HK$80. The net proceeds will be donated to Operation Santa Claus to support the less privileged.
Cash Donation
You are welcome to donate cash directly to Operation Santa Claus through cash collection boxes displayed at L’hotel properties during December.

L’hotel Christmas Fund Raising Campaign 2017 Opening Ceremony

We are delighted to announce the opening of our Christmas Fund Raising campaign to support the less privileged through our collaboration with Operation Santa Claus again this year.

The Opening Ceremony was held at L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre and officiated by Mr. Nicholas Yim, Managing Director of L’hotel Management Co Ltd, Mr. George Kuk, Director of L'hotel Management Co Ltd, Ms. Sylvia Chung, Executive Vice President of L'hotel Management Co Ltd, Mr. Hugh Chiverton, Head of English Programme Services, RTHK and Ms. Rebecca Chan, Service Development Officer, Social Services Department of Po Leung Kuk, accompanied by 6 little volunteers in applause and cheers.

Committed to serving the community and helping those in need, L’hotel joins Operation Santa Claus and pledged Major Donor for the second year and charity sale of small plants will be taken place this year at 6 Hotels and Serviced Apartments of L’hotel across Hong Kong to raise fund for the less privileged.

L’hotel celebrates Christmas with Children

This Christmas, we have again invited children from various organizations to celebrate Christmas with us. On the Opening day, A fun-filled Christmas Party was held at L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre for the children from Po Leung Kuk, with delicious buffets, magic show, arts and craft and Santa Claus Prize presentation. We were all excited to see the children having fun and this is what Christmas is meant to be.

Storybook Donation to Hans Andersen Club

Committed to serve and contribute to the local community, L’hotel Group organized a children storybook donation for the team members from its seven hotels and serviced apartments in December 2016.  Over 650 storybooks were collected and then sent to the beneficiary, Hans Andersen Club (HAC), a local charitable organization, in early 2017.

Book donation is not only a charity act, but also a gesture of Love and Sharing as more children can read the donated books and learn from them, passing on knowledge and wisdom to another child.  Meanwhile, bedtime storytelling can also be a very effective way to build loving and caring bonding between parents and their children.

L’hotel chose to work with HAC because we share the same belief to nurture our younger generation, and we also believe that reading can help widen children’s horizon and facilitate better learning results for a brighter future in this highly competitive society in Hong Kong. 

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L’hotel élan and L’hotel Island South minimize food wastage by joining the Foodlink Foundation. Foundation staff collect surplus food from buffets and deliver them to charitable organizations which use the food to provide nutritional meals for children, the elderly, the homeless and others in need. In 2014 alone, 691kg of food and 1,122.5kg of bathroom amenities were donated to Foodlink by L’hotel Group properties. For more information, visit   

A Green & Warm Christmas Campaign 2016 at L'hotel

L’hotel Group is celebrating this festive season while helping the less privileged communities in Hong Kong by supporting Operation Santa Claus (OCS) for a green and warm Christmas 2016.  Our hotel guests and business partners are invited to take part in this meaningful act.  
Story book Donation & Recycled Christmas Tree
L’hotel lobbies are featuring a special book-themed “Recycled Christmas Tree made of recycled materials, such as recycled wooden panes, children’s story books and magazines.  The story books are donated by our L’hotel team members to Hans Andersen Club (HAC), one of the OSC beneficiaries, after Christmas. 
Christmas Stocking Charity Sale
Available for sale now at HK$100 net each with net proceeds going to OCS to support lesser-known Hong Kong charitable organizations.
Cash Donation
OSC Collection boxes are placed at various L’hotel properties to collect cash donation from generous guests like you.

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Chinachem Group Annual Walkathon

The L’hotel Group is an active participant in the Chinachem Group Annual Walkathon, which raises funds every year for a special cause. The annual event first took place in 2011 and aims to encourage people to explore Hong Kong’s nature and discover the natural beauty surrounding the city.  Thousands of walkers gather every year to raise funds for a good cause and to appreciate Hong Kong’s nature. 

Charity Fundraising

The L’hotel Group has also embraced traditional methods of community care, such as by directly fundraising in local communities. L’hotel Group team members supported the Suicide Prevention Services by becoming volunteers in its fundraising Flag Day in Wong Chuk Hang near L’hotel Island South. 

Caritas Elderly Center

The L’hotel Group values and deeply respects Hong Kong’s elderly population, understanding they are an important part of the city’s community. Team members of the L’hotel Group often visit different elderly homes, spending time with residents and instilling joy into their day. 

Sharing the Spirit of Christmas

L’hotel Group restaurants LIS Café and forte have held Christmas parties for underprivileged children, providing them with a fun-filled day and a very special Christmas to remember. Hotel team members have had a highly rewarding experience playing games with the children, conducting fun cooking classes and serving a delicious Christmas buffet that put smiles on everyone’s face.  

2016 Recycled Christmas Tree X Storybook Donation

L’hotel lobbies are featuring a special book-theme “Recycled Christmas Tree made of recycled materials, such as recycled wooden panes, children’s story books and magazines.  The story books are donated by our L’hotel team members to Hans Andersen Club (HAC), one of the OSC beneficiaries, after Christmas.  Feel free to bring your children’s story books to the Concierge Desk of any L’hotel properties for donation.

Sparkling Recycled Christmas Trees at L’hotel Properties

The 2015 Christmas showcased one of the Green & Sustainability initiatives contributed by our L’hotel team members.  Eight beautiful home-made recycled Christmas trees and decoration items were designed and built with over 5,800 recycled plastic distilled water bottles and glass wine bottles.  Ranging from 5 feet to 10 feet in height, the eco-friendly Christmas trees are creatively decorated with ornaments made of various recycled materials, such as old mittens, socks, magazines, newspaper, electric kettles from hotel guestrooms, and more.  There are also energy-saving LED fairy lights to give them a sparkling festive look.  Participating properties are L’hotel elan, L’hotel Island South, Lodgewood by L’hotel Mongkok Hong Kong, Lodgewood by L’hotel Wanchai Hong Kong and Conference Lodge.  Click here to view “The Making of Recycled Christmas Tree” video.

Green Monday Partner

Restaurants in the L’hotel Group are proud partners of the Green Monday group and as such, serve healthy low-carbon meals every day. Green Monday aims to promote awareness about green, healthy and sustainable living and encourages people to reduce their carbon footprint by advocating for restaurants to offer a broader range of vegetarian dishes.  

Sustainable & Organic

The L’hotel Group restaurants prioritize the importance of the environment and as such, proudly serve sustainable seafood and use organic vegetables. All ingredients are carefully sourced and are combined to produce visually stunning, tasty and nutritious meals available in both restaurant à la carte menus and buffet counters. 

Food Wise Hong Kong

Food wastage has been an issue in Hong Kong and L’hotel Group properties have sought to diminish the problem by taking part in Food Wise Hong Kong. All restaurants adhere to special guidelines and tips created to minimize food wastage and perform good food practices in all areas regarding food including food planning, storing and handling. 

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark Hotels

L’hotel élan and L’hotel Island South are proud venue partners of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark with L’hotel Island South landing the title of Hong Kong’s first ever Geopark Hotel. Both Hotels are dedicated to geoconservation with real fossils found in rooms and public areas of the Hotels. The Hotels also offer Geopark menus in their restaurants and have special Geopark room packages. Guests can book Geopark tours through the Hotels. 

Shark Fin-Free

The L’hotel Group are supporters of the World Wide Fund for Nature’s Say ‘NO’ to Shark Fin program. L’hotel Island South, L’hotel élan and L’hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View have pledged not to serve shark fin soup whilst L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre offer alternative shark fin-free banquet menus.  

ISO14001: 2004 certification

The L’hotel Group has always been environmentally conscious and is deeply committed to ensuring its properties closely monitor and improve their environmental performance. The L’hotel Group was first recognized for its green operations in 2011 when L’hotel Island South received the ISO 14001:2004 certificate for Environmental Management System, awarded by BSI Management Systems. 


Minimizing consumption plays a substantial role in the L’hotel Group’s green operations. LED lights, which are more efficient than conventional lights and enjoy a longer lifespan, have been installed in all guestrooms whilst guests are encouraged to play their role by using  ‘Guestroom Linen Change’ cards allowing for less electricity, water and laundry chemicals to be used. Some hotels have installed special chiller operations which maximize energy efficiency.



Recycling is ingrained in the daily practice of all housekeeping and Food & Beverage team members. The L’hotel Group are supporters of the Government’s Hong Kong Glass Container Recycling Program with bottles from the hotels cleaned before collection. These bottles are then recycled into glass sand and used to substitute river sand in the production of paving blocks. The Group also recycles surplus food, bathroom amenities and used cooking oil.    

A Paperless Environment

The L’hotel Group’s green efforts spread through all facets of its operations.  Hotel offices encourage staff to reduce wastage and bear the environment in mind before using paper. Guestrooms of L’hotel élan are equipped with an eGuest System whilst Lodgewood by L’hotel Mongkok and L’hotel Island South offer guests a dedicated hotel app. L’hotel Group restaurants Forte and canton pot are proud providers of eMenus and guests can register for the Group’s Vivva rewards program online. 

Christmas eCards

Continuing with the Group’s internal paperless endeavors, the L’hotel Group has opted to send Christmas eCards every year to guests, clients and business partners, making the season a much more environment friendly affair.